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Important Questions to Ask Limousine Rental Service

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Questions to ask prospective rental firms

Here are some of the best questions you could quiz your limo rental service company. The first good thing to ask them is, how long has the limo rental firm been in business and how many cars do they have in their fleet? It’s a fact that an established limo rental service is not always better than a new one, but it’s somehow crucial that an operator has ample vehicles to serve as back up just in case the one you’re riding in breaks down, or figures in any untoward incident.

Find out the quality of their drivers, and about pick-ups and drops

It’s vital that your rental firm’s chauffeur driving the limousine is a professional, well attired, experienced, licensed and trained individual, as you surely would expect to be treated in style and have someone who will open your doors and carry your luggage. In addition, you surely don’t want someone who will cut lanes and race you down the road, or drive like a madman.

Another concern to verify about, is the policy on pick ups and drops. Find out if whether your operator will arrange for you to be picked up and drive you exactly to your destination, and what about the return journey? Also ask if your prospective rental operator runs services in those areas?, as you want to make it clear whether where you would want to be picked up from, and the time you want to be fetched. You need to ask these concerns first before you pay any money to your rental firm.

Rental charges and payment modes

Always ask your operator what the rental charge for the particular car you’re hiring is. Rental fees vary with the type of the vehicle and the duration you’ll be hiring it for. Most companies charge you for a minimum number of hours, even if you wont be using the car for that long.

About the payment modes, ask the rental firm how you are supposed to pay them for their services. The payment methods may be different for each limo rental, and usually half the total rental fee is either paid by credit or debit card at the time of the booking, and the balance would be later paid in cash to the driver.

One of the most important aspects you need to ask a limo rental outfit, is about their insurance coverage. Some private rental firms evade insuring their vehicles and passengers, as they consider this to be a heavy overhead expense. However, the laws require all private limo rental services to arrange for getting proper private hire insurance, so you should check this out with your limo operator. A professional rental service firm should be more than glad to provide you with proof of their insurance details.