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Teaching Your Teen Safe Driving

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

Now that we have talked a few of the things that you should be teaching your teenage driver, let’s go ahead and dive on into some of the other things that you need to teach them. For example – buckling up is not only because of the law but also because of safety.

Honestly, you will need to stress the importance of buckling up to your teenage just to make sure that they know that it is not only to obey the law but it is for their safety.

The first thing that you need to teach your teen driver is how to drive defensively. To be completely honestly, teenage drivers are going to be inexperienced, no matter how long they have been driving, so you want to make sure that you teach them everything from using the indicators all the way to avoiding tailgating other drivers. That way you know that they are going to be safe.

Next, you want to limit the distractions that are going to be around your teenage driver. Cell phones, radio, CD, or even having a lot of passengers in their car are all things that can distract the young driver. Keep that in mind whenever you are dealing with teenagers – stay tuned for more!

Last, obeying the speed limit is going to be the biggest downfall for your teenage driver. So make sure that you really stress how important it is for your young driver to follow along with the speed limits that are set by the government.

The Difference between Automotive Oil and Motorcycle Oil

Friday, July 6th, 2012

Although both these can be used in bikes, the engines of both cars and cycles function differently and require oils which are specifically formulated for these engines. Compared to the car engine and bike oils are expensive. Most of the motorcycles include some important factors which enable better performance and durability of the motorcycles. Car oil is quite inexpensive compared to bike. Some of the major differences between these two types is elaborated below.

Different additives: Automotive do not contain additives which are present in motorcycle oils. Various types of additives such as PTFE or Teflon are included in these to reduce excessive heat and friction. This is coated onto the gears of the vehicle.

Friction: The engine oils used in bikes helps to reduce friction and thereby prevents clutch slippage. It can therefore be used effectively in vehicles with oil-wet clutches. But car engine seldom can be used to reduce slippage or friction.

Viscosity: Compared to the automotive and bike is thinner even though both these oils are classified under the same viscosity. This is made thinner so that it provides better and easier lubrication for small internal parts in the motorbikes.

Price: It is quite expensive compared to car oil as it is highly refined. Bike oil is thoroughly refined so that it provides better lubrication and passes easily through small internal components in the vehicle. As it requires an extended refining process, it is quite expensive than the standard types of engine oil. However, it is important to purchase motorcycle oil for vehicles as it guarantees better performance and higher durability of the engines.

Reduction of heat: In comparison to the automotive oil, this oil is designed to reduce the amount of heat generated in the internal parts of the engine. Moreover, heat is generated in focal points in these engines compared to car engines.

Specifically formulated oil: As compared to cars, bikes require specifically formulated one as oil breaks down faster in bikes due to the continuous meshing of gears. So all the motorcycle oils are designed and formulated specifically for bikes.

However, when exposed to extreme pressure and heat, both these types of engine oil breaks down which further causes thinning of the oil. It then fails to lubricate the engines effectively.