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About Learning Motorcycle Riding Effectively

Thursday, September 17th, 2015

Riding a motorcycle is a serious task. For the veteran riders as well as new learners, safe riding can make motor riding a fun.

There are many driving schools in Alberta and Calgary providing effective motorcycle driving classes. The Class 6 license covers both motorcycle and moped.

A motorcycle permit test involves successful completion of sign identification and an eye test.

A candidate must be minimum 16 years before taking the test. He must have obtained parental consent and have proof that driver education has been successfully completed. A valid proof of completed a motorcycle safety course is also important in clearing the permit test. The motorcycle permit will have a validity of 6 months and can be renewed twice for the same duration.

All motorcycle riders must follow these rules.

€ Compulsory eye protection
€ Wearing approved helmet
€ Strict adherence to riding alone in daylight hours

The objective of Motorcycle safety course teaches the fundamentals of riding a motorcycle safely. There are many things to be taken care of in the matter of safe riding.


The things taught in a classroom are€”to operate a motorcycle properly: defensive driving techniques, preventive maintenance to be accident free. Maneuvering the motorcycle, and bad weather driving techniques.

The Motorcycle Safety Course is compulsory to prepare for the written and practical classes to achieve the skills and get a motorcycle license.

The benefit of attending a safety course is that most insurance companies offer a discount to drivers for successfully doing the safety course.

Good safety course

Qualified instructors conduct safety courses under a specific schedule. The course can last several weeks and include actual riding time. Motorcycle sales shops usually good candidates to find the best motorcycle safety course in a particular area.

Motorcycle Safety Foundation too holds safety courses in most of the localities. They have listings of local places to check if they do not have the actual course dates.

Friends, family members and co-workers can also guide on the motorcycle safety course. Referral always gives better results.

Safety course gives lessons in

Parts of the motorcycle
Basic maintenance
Emergency repairs
Conditions for motorcycle performance
Safety equipment use
Defensive driving

A motorcycle safety course is important since even a small mistake can turn fatal. Even experienced drivers can benefit from this type of course if they have not already taken one. Experienced riders must also know the basics of motorcycle safety.

There are many driving schools in Alberta and Calgary providing effective motorcycle driving classes. The Class 6 license covers both motorcycle and moped.

A motorcycle permit test involves successful completion of sign identification test and an eye test.

The 2015 Honda CB300

Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

With its 300-class engine, this new motorcycle model from Honda portrays a dash of attitude as well as independence, plus extensive credibility. So, whether you are zipping around town to catch fun, or commuting from place to place, the roomy ergonomics and the power-band of the Honda CB300F is designed to make each and every ride a fun ride.

Features of the CB300F Honda Motorcycle

Lightweight, Narrow and Low

The single-cylinder machine of this fun-filled motorcycle makes it narrow. And, with the seat measuring 30.7-inch in height, this bike is low and feels light since it weighs only 348-pounds. All these promote easy ride and handling.

Great Fuel Efficiency

The CB300F Honda bike is highly rated at the gas pump in terms of fuel economy. Its fuel efficiency rating is approximately 71 miles per gallon. It is also a passenger-capable bike, and of course freeway legal. It is a complete package of style combined with fun.

The Power of Single-Cylinder Engine

The single-cylinder engine alongside fuel injection, plus a counter-balancer and double-overhead cams that come with the 2015 Honda CB300F provide a good number of real benefits. One of such great benefits is power delivery: the sort of torque and midrange power that a single offers is suitable for all levels of cyclists and riders.

Counterbalance Shaft

The CB300F Honda bike’s counter-balancer feature makes the bike a smooth runner. You are simply combining narrow overall width as well as power benefits of a single with the effortlessness of a multi-cylinder motorcycle.

Disc Brakes

This stylish Honda bike comes with front and rear hydraulic discs, enabling brilliant stopping power as well as excellent brake feel. You can be sure that things will stay simple, plus un-sprung weight is kept lower with the front 296 mm hydraulic disc and the 220mm rear hydraulic disk.

Under-Seat Storage

The under-seat storage is a excellent and a rider can put items such as gloves, map, and sunglasses right inside this lockable area once you lift the rear passenger seat.

Separate Passenger Seat

The Honda Motorcycle CB300F is passenger ready with the separate passenger seat feature. That’s not all, the bike also includes standard passenger foot-pegs and an integrated grab rail, giving you the opportunity to ride with someone – this is another feature that confirms the CB300F’s versatility.


At $3999 retail, the 2015 Honda CB300F model is completely affordable, considering the tons of innovative features that have been loaded into this stylish bike. To crown it all, the bike comes with transferable 1-year limited warranty, plus unlimited mileage. And, the Honda Protection Plan provides extended coverage.

Other innovative features of the CB300F include full LCD digital meter (multi-function), state-of-the-art exhaust system for enhanced performance and appearance. Also, the seat and side covers have been specially configured to promote easier reach to the ground.